Examination Of The Ethical Use Of AI In Social Media

Exploratory analysis of social media's use of AI and its impact on psychological, cognitive and ethical challenges.

Nextcloud, Snap and Nginx reversed proxy

An instruction on how to run Nextcloud installed through Snap behind an Nginx reverse proxy.

Nginx as reversed proxy in LXD

An instruction on how to rig Nginx as a proxy server in LXD.

How to configure LXD to run locally

An instruction on how to set up LXD locally for virtualization.

A Review of the Innovative Power of the Oculus Rift

This is a text i wrote in 2020 about VR-technology, it's history and how the Oculus Rift was an innovative success.

A Short Insight Into the Philosophy of Mind

This is a text I wrote in 2018 about different positions in philosophy of consciousness.

Can a Machine Understand Language?

This is a text i wrote in 2021, discussing whether or not a NLP AI can understand language.